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Mad As Rabbits Digitilized by Ninja-Wolve Mad As Rabbits Digitilized :iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 2 0 Winter Butterfly by Ninja-Wolve Winter Butterfly :iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 0 7 Mad As Rabbits by Ninja-Wolve Mad As Rabbits :iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 0 0 Fire Butterfly by Ninja-Wolve Fire Butterfly :iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 2 3
Insanity-Doctors POV
I slowly walk down the hallway, flicking through the papers. I glance at the top one. A picture of a young girl with pale skin, short black hair and bright blue eyes is stapled in the corner. Underneath is her name and age. Ebony Miller. Age 15. I stop outside a cell door. The guard on duty nods to me and unlocks the door. I walk in, slightly nervous. The girl is sitting in the far corner. She seems to notice my presence as she offers me the bed to sit on. I comply.
"Do you know why you're here?" I ask.
"They said it was because I'm insane" she grins. I gulps and tug at my tie.
"Well, you did kill three other teenagers, including your best friend, and put twenty others in hospital with major injuries" she laughs "what's so funny?" she must really me insane after all.
"She was not my best friend. She was but a mere pawn in my game" did her voice just go all high and sing-song like?
"And what's that supposed to me?" this is getting quite intriguing.
"Do you know how the average middle sc
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Dragon by Ninja-Wolve Dragon :iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 1 3 ID2 by Ninja-Wolve ID2 :iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 2 6
And you wonder why
You tried so hard
to be your best
and yet you still
fell far
you try to shove your
dreams on me
Destroy my dreams
and soul
As each day goes past,
i can feel your burning
hate for me
I didn't do what
you wanted done
I hated the dreams
you forced on me
You are my parents,
Aren't parents supposed
to know when everything
feels all wrong?
I want to say no
to your army dad
I want to say no
to your science mum
I do not need strength,
money, science or love now
All i need is my mind,
a pen, paper and a thought
Can you not accept this?
:iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 3 10
What is wrong?
Can't sleep, Can't eat.
Words don't work
Pictures tell lies
I can't show you
I can't tell you
Am I sick?
Have I gone mad?
My interest is lost
My life is dull
The colour is gone
Nothing seems real
It all seems fake
The way you smile
The way you laugh
:iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 11 0
Would you?
If I was myself, would you still love me?
Or would you ignore me, like everyone else?
I'm sick of hiding behind my mask, but I dont want to lose you
You are my best friend, my sisterc but not of blood
We know each others secrets, we know each others problems
But there is something I never told you, this is not the true me
For years I have hidden behind this mask, trying to be happy
But as years went on, my mask began to break
It is only a matter of time before my true self is revealed
I'm not sure if you'll like her though
So this is why I ask you,
If I was myself, would you still love me?
Or would you ignore me, like everyone else?
But no matter what you say, I know I will forever love you
You are my best friend after all, my sister but not by blood
I love you, I need you,
you are my shoulder to cry on when I am sad
you are the one I can go to when all is bad
You are my best friend and I will forever love you
:iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 1 3
Insanity-Ebony's POV
Ebony's POV
The white walls burned into my eyes. Why couldn't they paint them? I think. The only door clicks open. I turn my head and watch as a young man in a grey business suit walks in. the door closes behind him. He looks at me nervously. I raise my arm, offering the bed to him. He takes it and sits down.
"Do you know why you're here?" he asks.
"They said it was because I'm insane" I grin. He gulps and tugs at his tie.
"Well, you did kill three other teenagers, including your best friend, and put twenty others in hospital with major injuries" I laugh "what's so funny?"
"She was not my best friend. She was but a mere pawn in my game" my voice goes all high and sing-song like.
"And what's that supposed to me?" nervousness is replaced by curiosity.
"Do you know how the average middle school food chain goes?"
"Isn't it: popular students; skaters; drifters; nerds; babies?" I shake my head, a smile on my face.
"Can I borrow a pencil?" he gives me a pen. I turn to the wall and begin to wr
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ID by Ninja-Wolve ID :iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 2 0
My Life
For years my life has been fucked up. Infacted, its been fucked up for so long, I dont even know how long!
For years other students have bullied me. Calling me names, spreading rumours, even hitting me. I became known for wanting my head bashed in for no reason.
For years I have fought with my brother about everything. Becoming downgraded to nothing more than "------'- sister". My four year old sister gets more respect than me.
For years I have been afraid of alot. LArge crowds. Failure. Making desicions. Being laughed at. Speaking in public. Of being touched. Darkness. Phone calls.
I was never sexually abused. I was never abused by my parents in any form. Except for the threats. The threats my dad has been giving me and my brother for years.
The threats vary. From breaking our fingers if we ever touch a certain object again to breaking every bone in our body for disobeying an order. From both of them threatening to pack up and leave to packing up our stuff and either throwing it out o
:iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 1 0
A week of sadness
I sit here, staring at the monitor, biting at my hand while listening to 'Fucking Perfect' over and over. Tears beging to form each time but none will seem to fall. I change the song to 'Dont let me get me' As I watch the clip to it a tear or two decide to escape. I dont bother to wipe them away. My thoughts drift away from the song. It turns to the past week. I realise how each day, i destroyed a part of me.
It was last Friday that they began. The feelings of unacceptance, loneliness and jealousy began tearing me apart. That day, i went to Lani's house as i was staying at hers for the night. when I got there, i saw that she had Cora, another friend of ours, over. They were happy and laughing together, talking like i wasnt even there. I became jealous as i felt like i no longer had a connection with either of them like i used to. I felt unaccepted because i was not part of the conversation. I felt lonely because i had no one to talk to. despite all that, i still stayed the night, ignor
:iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 2 0
Path of Hate
There is a path in which every human takes. No matter how old or how young, they take it. This is the path of hate. A broken cracked pathway, covered with overgrown thorns and shrubbery. The sky over the path is alway a fiery red, no matter what time of day it is. Some people only take a few steps on this path at a time. Others take a stroll. Me, I live on this path. I have no love in my life except for my art. My father is and alcoholic who beats both me and my mother. My mother is a wreck. I hate them both. School is too easy but the other girls in my grade always laugh at me and are cruel. I hate them all. The guidance officer has made me go to her on Monday's and Fridays. I never say a word in the sessions. I hate them. I hate her. The teachers at school don't understand me. They hate me. Especially my art teacher. Al because I'm on a higher level. Whenever we have art at the end of the day, he asks me to stay behind so he can yell at me for something. I don't hate him. I loathe hi
:iconninja-wolve:Ninja-Wolve 1 0
Pieces of Time
It was a sunday. I was with my little brother walking through the show grounds. We had to push our way through the crowd just to reach the only ride my brother had wanted to go on. The carousel. He had really wanted to ride a certain one. It was a blue dragon. We waited in line. The moment it was our turn, my little brother rushed for it. I got onto the one next to him. It was a red phoenix. The ride started. Everything was normal. The normal music. The normal bobbing up and down. It got faster and faster. The world began to blur. The carousel slowed down. As we got off, I looked around. There was no longer a crowd of people dressed in jeans, bordies, singlets and tees. Instead it was a crowd of people dressed in rags and robes. I picked my brother and walked over to the closest person.
"Excuse me, can you tell me where we are?" I asked. The man stared in confusement.
"Non Capisco" he finally said.
"Excuse me?" the man takes a step back and calls out something. Guards come rushing towa
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Time to Halloween by DemiseMAN Time to Halloween :icondemiseman:DemiseMAN 5,080 0
Child Abuse
Child Abuse
There's a girl I knew,
A really beautiful girl,
With dirty blond hair,
A really young girl,
This girl was seven years old,
She had a sad tale,
She told me the tale,
The hour before she died,
That she was abused,
Her mother got drunk,
The girl hid under the bed,
Her dad got shot,
She heard a gun CRACK,
And a loud THUNK on the ground,
And saw bright blood,
Her mom went crazy,
The mother killed her true love,
And blamed the poor girl,
The girl was punished,
For no actual reason,
And was left with scars,
Her mom got worse,
And gave the girl more bruises,
And fresher black eyes,
After she told me,
I raced to my mom and dad,
And told them the tale,
We called the police,
They were told the story too,
And drove to her house,
But when they got there,
They were all too late to help,
'Cause the girl was dead.
:iconwolfofstorm:wolfofstorm 188 185
Fallen Angel by Maxwell1602 Fallen Angel :iconmaxwell1602:Maxwell1602 2 0 red and blue by Melonenbrot red and blue :iconmelonenbrot:Melonenbrot 192 10 Delic by Ettelle Delic :iconettelle:Ettelle 226 28 Earth Knuffel Gen 7 - by FirnThePanda Earth Knuffel Gen 7 - :iconfirnthepanda:FirnThePanda 17 4
Forced To Be Myself
Of course you're going to miss it.
You're going to miss
Every single little thing
Except me.
Go ahead.
Ignore me.
Scar me more than you already have,
I don't give a damn.
Because you'll move on.
And I wont even be a distant memory.
You already regret so much.
Are you sure you want to talk to me?
Will you regret that as well?
Because you're leaving me behind.
You're talking to the people you didn't before.
You're making it pretty clear
You don't want me around.
I wish you'd just say it.
You're going to miss
Every girl from school,
But me.
You'll miss the bitch
Who was mean to me,
That you hated until the day you broke our love apart.
You're going to miss the girl
Who hates me,
Because she's mean.
Fine by me.
Just don't crawl to me
When you have nowhere else to go.
I don't want you contaminating my darkness
With your light anymore.
Because your light will leave again,
And I'll be forced to be myself.
:iconemolove-4ever:EmoLove-4ever 12 6
Fire Water by MickyDuff Fire Water :iconmickyduff:MickyDuff 12 0 Winged Creatures 23 by seglenieks Winged Creatures 23 :iconseglenieks:seglenieks 3 0 forget about the nametag by chessutsick forget about the nametag :iconchessutsick:chessutsick 1 0 00:01 AM by cetrobo 00:01 AM :iconcetrobo:cetrobo 239 33 Dragon and Boy by monstaville Dragon and Boy :iconmonstaville:monstaville 1 0 Beautiful Lies by Phill-Da-Lee Beautiful Lies :iconphill-da-lee:Phill-Da-Lee 1 0 Your Childhood Aspirations by Demachic Your Childhood Aspirations :icondemachic:Demachic 5,385 1,017


He's alive!!!!!! Kanda is alive!!!!!!

In other news, school sucks!!!!! I'm continuesly ahead in work, the teachers split the tests up so they span several days, and us faster students are stuck there for over half an hour doing absolutely nothing and the art teacher hates me!!!! Oh, wait, most teachers tend to hate me.... woops...

Apparently, I need help and need to see the school guidance officer as well as a Doctor cause I'm always tired, I can't fall asleep, my mood changes a random moments, for no reason, and because I belive that something simple can be beautiful and perfect. It's not my fault I hate extravagent things, is it?

I feel like going to the USA on an exchange program...

Bye, Bye ^^
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  • Reading: D.Gray-Man


Artist | Student | Varied
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Favourite genre of music: hip-hop, punk, rock, alternative,
Favourite style of art: drawing, photography and literature
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Favourite cartoon character: edward elric, kenpachi zaraki, yachiru kusajishi
Personal Quote: Why?


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